Announcement from Clemence Rouceau

Announcement from Clemence Rouceau

Clémence Rouceau is feeling excited.
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? ?? As my sprint program for 2022 takes shape slowly, happy to officially announce that for the endurance game I will be participating in the 25 H Fun Cup (Spa-Francorchamps) July 08 with a 100 % female team. For the occasion I would be surrounded by three tops pilots with strong experience on big 24 H races. ??
Lighthouse of the season, the 25 H Fun Cup are a must-have in Belgium's car racing landscape.
Every year it's over 120 cars that start this race mixing conviviality and sportiness!
The primary objective of this participation will be to gain maximum experience while enjoying it, but also to promote women in motor sports.
And cherry on the cake, to prepare these 25 Hs will also be present at the 8 H (Franco Fun Festival) from May 13 to 15 ?? More details (Official announcement Team and line up) in the coming weeks ??
Thank you so much to all the people who make this possible ????

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